What is the Spirit’s direction for my life?

How do I learn to love my neighbor? Do you sometimes wonder if you’re the only one struggling with questions like these? You’re not alone. Patricia D. Brown helps you find the answers to these questions and many more as she guides you on a personal journey of spiritual renewal. Acknowledging there is no substitute for the power of the Spirit, she invites you to discover God’s healing presence in your life through daily affirmations on topics such as relationships, courage, trust, self acceptance, health and diet, and more. Each uplifting short reading begins with a passage from the sacred text and ends with an affirmation to reflect on for the day ahead.

An Excerpt From 365 Affirmations for Daily Living

February 10th


Today I am gentle with myself. I look at the expectations I have for myself in a realistic fashion. I know what I am capable of and when I can stretch to expand the realm of possibilities.
I create misery for myself by building unrealistic expectations. When there is no chance of achievement, dissatisfaction results. I refuse to build expectations that are a set-up for failure. I also view life realistically for others, expecting only that they are true to who they are.
When I view situations grounded in possibility; when I differentiate between truth and reality; when I work towards possible expectations, I am living gently with myself and my neighbor.

Today I walk gently with myself and my neighbor.

Acclaim for 365 Affirmations

Simple but profound. She calls us to focus our minds and hearts on God’s possibilities, to be recreated in hope and love, and to allow Jesus Christ to be the center of our lives.

Mary Ruth Howes