Publicity Statement

Brochure Publicity Statement for Faith-Community Use

Patricia (Tricia) D. Brown
The Reverend Dr. Patricia D. Brown facilitates the mission of Spiritworks, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “Tricia” uses her gifts of speaking and teaching, and leading workshops and retreats on topics of spirituality. Patricia has authored many books about seeking and opening ourselves to live in spirit-filled ways. The work closest to her heart is creating sacred space where the Spirit can be at work helping others find peace, purpose, and contentment in their own lives. 

Brochure Publicity Statement for Healthcare Institutions and Other Organizations

Dr. Patricia Brown is the Bereavement Services Manager of VITAS Healthcare hospice,  Pittsburgh region. She faciliates the overall services and programs to care for the bereaved after the death of their loved one.  As a Bereavement Specialist, "Tricia" works to help others find peace, renewed purpose and contentment in their lives. She believes, "Spiritual care... is soul-care , helping the human spirit in its search for peace.  Regardless of the dying person's religious persuasion or faith tradition, spiritual care near the end of life supplies a deep human need."  

Note:  The last sentence is taken from the VITAS brochure, "To LIsten..."