Heart to Heart Guidebook & From the Heart Journal

An Innovative Program for Helping Women Grow Spiritually

Created over coffee in a friend’s kitchen, Heart to Heart is now spreading widely. As a gentle program of self-awareness and awakening to the spirituality of women, Heart to Heart brings a sense of belonging, hospitality, faith-sharing, and genuine community to the women who have experienced it.

Heart to Heart Guidebook: A Spiritual Journey for Women

Part 1 acquaints the participant with the format and content of Heart to Heart, including necessary information for starting a group. Part 2 presents all contents for gatherings 1-12. Participants rotate the role of group facilitator following visual cues from the text. Silent reflection and journaling are part of each gathering. Order the Heart to Heart Guidebook today! Want to learn more about the Heart to Heart program? Read about the From the Heart Journal and the Heart to Heart workshop.

From the Heart Journal: A Personal Prayer Journal for Women

Heart to Heart Days

The purpose of Heart to Heart is to create an awareness of the inner sacred self in women, while at the same time teaching them new ways to inspire, encourage, and affirm one another.
Through the process of personal and spiritual growth, women have the opportunity to clarify their values, claim their own giftedness, and return these new strengths to their family relationships and to the larger community.

The Heart to Heart program begins with a twelve-session journey that leads the group through an experience of peer ministry, self-discovery, mutual support, and prayer. Women share their stories and bond by gaining insight into their current mission in the world. They also experience two important elements missing from many of today’s churches: hospitality and genuine community.