The practice of meditation is found in all religions, though each tradition employs different techniques and explains it in different terms. Patricia teaches a variety of styles that come from ancient Judeo/Christian traditions. These techniques teach you how to relax, establish calm, and be in the present moment.

Meditation can be understood as a disciplined spiritual exercise that prepares us to enter into a profound listening and intimate relationship with the Divine.  To enter into this place of intimacy you’ll need to begin with a foundation of interior silence, simplicity, and an awakening to the silent presence of the Spirit within.  In this way you cultivate your receptivity to listen to the Voice, deepening your union.  Once all the distractions have faded away you enter a still place where you can focus your whole attention.  There Wisdom may speak directly to your heart. 

There are numerous ways to meditate, and Dr. Brown confesses that she tends to meld "meditation" (strictly regarded as the mental consideration of something) and "contemplative prayer" (the placing of one's self in a disposition of resting in the Divine's presence), for her essential goal is to still the constant movement of the mind and open herself to deeper union with the Spirit's wisdon; indwelling and guiding presence.  

Meditation as a foundation for a spiritual life leads not to escape from reality, but to a deeper knowledge of the Oneness that is present with us and in all creation. Sustained meditation leads beyond our distracting, self-conscious, and inwardly-focused thoughts to a state where we are receptive to the voice of the Divine.

Brown believes that through experimentation and practice you too can learn what “works” for you.  Meditation classes are 1-hour in length and may be scheduled like any other appointments and classes.  Request a session by calling 412-999-1912.