Meditations for HIV and AIDS Ministries

"When AIDS is over. What a wonderful thought."

It was five years ago when these words from Meditations for HIV and AIDS Ministries were first published. In the time since then, AIDS has not diminished but only grown: in the number of persons living with the HIV disease; in the number of children, women, and men infected; and in the number of lives impacted. Each day someone else learns of being HIV-positive, and each day loved ones are confronted with a new statistic of AIDS, suddenly taking on a name and a face. After the worship guide was printed, it became evident that additional resources were needed which could be used for Spirit-centered renewal.

Our aim in gathering the work of the writers represented in this booklet was to empower persons infected and affected with HIV and AIDS to speak to the community. They speak from their experiences as caregivers, family members, pastors, friends, and persons living with AIDS. The selections in this resource make AIDS real and provide very personal messages from the heart. These lives have been changed because they have been confronted with the disease. These meditations, written by persons impacted by HIV disease, have been selected for personal and community use. It is our prayer that they will bring you shalom and blessings.

An Excerpt From Meditations for HIV and AIDS Ministries

Broken Toy

The merry-go-round was broken. It was
turned upside down and children could
no longer play on it. I remembered
rolling it into place. Getting on it and
pushing off in a glorious joy of
movement. My children played on that
merry-go-round, as did hundreds of
other children. Now it was broken
Turned upside down. A pitiful helpless
steel mass. No longer able to carry

I am not steel and I try not to be helpless. Yet
my live is tumbled upside down and
broken. My movement is limited. I have
learned to be carried rather than to
carry. I don't want to be a helpless
man. I want to carry others. I want to
move freely again.

O God, I want to be free at last!

- Kendall Link

Acclaim for for HIV Ministries

"Patricia Brown demonstrates that there is a cutting edge on spirituality and HIV. In these two books, we get no platitudes or cliches, we get assistance in accessing the healing, comforting and sustaining grace of the Great Physician, the Creator. In my work helping HIV+ patients become self sufficient through employment, Ms. Brown's insights are a daily help to me, and an inspiration to my clients."

Alexander W. Hunter
Manager of Training and Development
Career and Recovery Resources, Inc.
Houston, Texas

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