Our MIssion

Spiritworks supports Mama Arlene and the orphaned children of Rwanda, Africa. To learn more about our mission in Rwanda, read the following. Then go to the website: www.hopemadereal.org.

What is Hope Made Real? 
Hope Made Real is the U.S. based non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned and abandoned children, and the poor and vulnerable people of Rwanda, Africa.

Arlene Brown, now 85, began her life in Africa in 1996, at the age of 65, as a relief worker in refugee camps following the Genocide.  In 2004 she made a permanent move to Rwanda to work with non-profits for children.  In 2006 she began her current work creating a home for children in Muhunga District.

Today that dream is "Hope Made Real"

Arlene was raised in the rural anthracite region of Western Pennsylvania in the USA.  It was during the Great Depression.  She was the first of seven children. In her married years she worked in nursing and industry.  Arlene raised five children, is a grandmother to sixteen, and great-grandmother to fifteen. She believes that her present work in Rwanda is her final legacy.

The History of Hope Made Real 
Hundreds of thousands of children who managed to live through the 1994 genocide and its aftermath in Rwanda are struggled for survival in desperately impoverished situations. Due to AIDS, disease, and poverty many younger children became orphans or throw-away children.

Hope Made Real believes that all children are precious and are a sign of hope for Rwanda's future. Go to www.hopemadereal.org for more information or to volunteer or donate.