SpiritGifts: One Spirit, Many Gifts

A Community-Building Experience of Discovery and Growth

SpiritGifts will empower and equip Christians for service and leadership in the Church and work place. The book provides a biblical foundation for understanding one’s spiritual gifts. It stresses the importance of every person’s gifts as a disciple of Jesus. This teaching resource will help you and others discover God’s will and direction for your lives as you name, claim, and apply your own spiritual gifts.
As persons become actively involved in serving according to their gifts, you will see the work and ministry of the entire congregation grow. SpiritGifts may be used with small groups of three to six to large groups of twenty-five to one hundred or more.

SpiritGifts is also easily adapted to fit your preferred style of leadership, your timeline, space and equipment and group dynamics.

SpiritGifts is More Than a One Shot Study

It is an ongoing resource for your congregation. Every member is asked to take the course in the next two years and every new member to take it in their first year of membership. Nomination Committees are replaced with Spiritual Gifts committees using SpiritGifts to help their members become active and vital through the study and employment of their gifts. SpiritGifts becomes an integrated part of your ongoing ministry. Some people are ready for a twelve-week study while others will only come for a one hour lesson. That is why SpiritGifts is designed for use with all people, accepting wherever they are on their journey.
Step-by-step guides provide various formats, including four-, six-, nine-, and twelve-week sessions as well as a weekend retreat, one-day workshop, and one-hour overview. Or you may select material to create a tailor-made program for your group. Because most leaders are busy people the Leader’s Resource also includes: all your overheads and charts, Bible study with scripture texts, the printed theme song and other suggested songs, a letter you can send to invite participants, even the article for your newsletter or local paper.

Also included are prayers for those shy to pray in public, a spiritual gift survey, certificates to give to participants at the end of the study, a covenant and renewal service to use with the group or in a larger worship setting, and more.

An Excerpt From SpiritGifts

SpiritGifts is designed as a group learning experience. As the group learns together, participants build community. Building trusting and understanding relationships is essential for many of the activities and exercises in the program. Like the leader in The Story of the Great Teacher (pages 43-44), you will lead by helping participants “listen and speak and reason together.” As this happens, participants become teachers of one another. Through God’s Spirit, you become the light of discovery for one another.
Participants are to encourage one another by recognizing, naming, and supporting one another’s gifts for ministry. Likewise, it is essential that you remain open and try many ways to use your own gifts to support and strengthen the gifts of others. Not only will you help persons to see themselves as gifted children of God, but you also will encourage participants to see, perhaps for the first time, how spiritual gifts are linked to their daily lives.

(excerpt from page 14 of SpiritGifts: Leader’s Resources)