Welcome. Spiritworks takes a personalized approach to meet individual spiritual and lifestyle needs.

Spiritworks and Dr. Brown:

  • Leads retreats, workshops and seminars.
  • Facilitates meditative labyrinth walks
  • officiates at weddings and unions, vow renewals, funerals and memorials.

Spiritworks' official title is the "Spiritworks Center for Formation and Leadership". We are a 501(c)3 non-profit entity and are registered with both the state and federal government. Our commitment is to work with you toward a healthier and wholistic lifestyle that integrates body, mind and relationships. Spiritworks believes in the creative energy and inherent worth of each individual and extends their work to the LGBTQ+ community through volunteer service.  

We support Mama Arlene and the children of Urukundo (Love) Home for Children and School, Rwanda, Africa. See hopemadereal.org for more information.  To donate directly go to www.hopemadereal.org.  

Spiritworks, INC
301 Overdale Road, (Edgewood Acres) Forest Hills, Pittsburgh, PA 15221
www.spiritworks.org * 412-999-1912