Patricia leads workshops, seminars, and retreats for groups big and small, both locally and across the U.S.  The requested topics usually come from her published books and resources as well as her current work in the hospice setting.  (See the listing of books on this web site.)  Once the topic and theme are chosen, Tricia works with the leadership and planners to create an hands-on experience that will benefit the participants.  

Because she works with both non-profit and for-profit organizations, she is pleased to work within your budget to help you create the event you want.  To set the date for your event call or text Tricia at 412-999-1912 or e-mail her at

The photo to the right was a labyrith walk during one of Patricia's retreats.  

Here is a sampling of past events facilitated by Patricia:

"Grieiving and the Work Place," St. Clair Hospital with VITAS Healthcare, Pittsburgh, PA. 

"The Caregiver's Grief," Vitas Healthcare Hospice, Cranberry Township, PA

"Generational Spirituality:  How Generations Grieve," Mon Valley Hospital, Monongahela Valley Hospital. 

"Grief, A Narrative of Love," LaRoche College, Pittsburgh, PA

“Paths to Prayer for Pastors and Other Servants’, BIshop’s Convocation, N.J. Conference, The United Methodist Church.

“The Medieval Pilgrimage,” European Studies Symposium, Seattle Pacific University.  

“Spirituality and Aging,” Faculty Forum on Aging: Seattle Pacific University, Office of Academic Affairs.  

“When You Pray.”  Lenten Lecture Series,  St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church, Seattle.

“Paths to Prayer”  Keynote Speaker and Workshop Leader, Virginia Annual Conference, The United Methodist Women Annual Retreat, Richmond.

“The Spirituality of Leadership.” Keynote Address, Houston Leadership School, Houston, Texas. 

“One Spirit, Many Gifts:  Finding God’s Will and Your Vocation.”  Willowbrook United Methodist Church Weekend Retreat, Sun City, Arizona.

“Ten Streams of Christian Traditions in Spiritual Direction,“ Formation Program in Spiritual Direction, Institute for Christian Studies, Orlando, Fl.

“Christian Spiritual Formation and Psychological Theory and Practice:  Two Contrasting Paradigms,”