Tricia was first introduced to meditation combined with yoga when pursuing her PhD. For her, it is a spiritual practice that incorporates a holistic sense of body, breath and mind.  She loves its' non-competitiveness spirit.

Her practice focuses on the alignment of the body to maximize effective movement and improve strength and flexibility. She designs a workout for your lifestyle needs – be it to build strength for a specific sport or activity, to rehabilitate following injury or surgery, or simply to improve your body’s performance for day-to-day living.

Tricia has practiced different styles of yoga, but she is drawn to the combination of the moving meditation and the held poses in a contemplative flow.  She is excited about sharing yoga and meditation with you and her community. Her goal is to create a soulful and relaxing time and space in her classes.

What: 75-minute sessions for Beginners, or Level 1. 

Where: Your home or work space.

When:  Set an appointment convenient to your schedule and tailored to your desires.

What you need: your mat and wear comfortable stretchy clothing.

Class and Session Descriptions

There are three styles of yoga practiced by Spiritworks.  

  1. Beginners: Begin with setting your "intention", then build on and review basic postures and breath techniques. Appropriate for those with little or no yoga experience.
  2. Level 1: A basic understanding of basic postures, breath techniques and sun salutations recommended. The class integrates your entire body with focused movements from your core. A great session to heal your back and build abdominal strength. The session ends with supported Savasana (final relaxation).
  3. Restorative Yoga- Restorative Yoga helps to relieve the effects of stress and brings the body, mind and spirit into harmony and balance. A short, gentle asana warm-up will relax and prepare your mind and body to receive the benefits that restorative yoga offers. Sessions end with a guided meditation, and supported Savasana (final relaxation).
**Tricia teaches modifications for all yoga postures and flows so that students can attend any class to fit their needs and abilities.